I was comissioned to design and animate a lyric video for Scottish folk artist Blue Rose Code. The song is from their 2024 album, Bright Circumstance.

The client wanted something playful, ireverrent, silly, and filled with joie de vivre, to have the band memebrs in the video in bobblehead format, and to include some carnival-esque visuals like the carousel horses, toy cowboy elements; all of these supplemented the on-screen lyrics to get the main feeling of the video across.

Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Duik √Āngela were used to create this music video.
This was my first time using Duik in years for a project. I sort of broke the human anatomy rig here and there to layout hands, feet, instruments etc. properly - but if it looks good on-screen in the end, you get away with it!
Breakdown music: "Bright Life" by Jonny Boyle, via Uppbeat.io
Early styleboards during visual exploration

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