Pro-Transgender rights protesters around the statue of Donald Dewar in Buchanan Street, Glasgow in January 2023. Protests broke out in response to the UK Government invoking a Section 35 order to block the Scottish Parliament's progressive Gender Reform Act.
Overflowing waste bins in Edinburgh due to refuse worker strikes | August 2022
Behind-the-scene photos of the SCOTLAND'S NEXT FIRST MINISTER: THE STV DEBATE set, a project which I was also the graphic designer on | March 2023
Stock photography to illustrate hacking, darkweb, crypto, blockchain, tech stories
Stock photos of phones, calls, emergency alerts
Empty streets in Glasgow due to the COVID-19 pandemic | March - May 2020
Stock photography of Scottish train stations
Black Lives Matter protestors gather in Glasgow Green to show international solidarity and demand justice in response to the murder of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis | June 2020
Climate Change march in Glasgow, the UN COP26 climate conference campus, and crowds of protestors outside the conference centre | November 2022
Crowds gather on Buchanan Street, Glasgow to show solidarity with Palestine, mourn, and demand justice in the midst of Israel's invasion into Gaza | November 2023
Protest march in Edinburgh during US President Donald Trump's state visit to the UK | June 2018
Protests in George Square, Glasgow, after PM Boris Johnson prorogues parliament | September 2019

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